Revive Auto Repair

  • Brake Service

    Please Note Vehicle Will Be Required To Be Left For Service.

    60 minute(s)
  • Electrical Service

    Any Electrical Diag & Repair we ask to have vehicle left with repair shop for service. 

    60 minute(s)
  • Exotic & Super Cars - Services & More.

    Please Click on this Tab, if this appointment is for your Exotic and/Or Super Car service repair or Maint. & Upgrade Tune / Dyno

    60 minute(s)
  • Fluid Flush

    Depending on some vehicle price and service may very, some vehicle will be requried to be left to cool down to be worked on.

    60 minute(s)
  • Full Syn Oil Change

    Price may Very on vehicle and filter & oil grade & Amount. Some vehicle requried service scan tool to reset service lights. Vehicle at times might be requried by Shop for Drop Off depending on vehicle & supplies. 

    We Carry all brands for vehicle Spec* & Needs: Mobil1, Royal Purpel, Castrol Edge, Penzzoil Oil & More.

    60 minute(s)
  • Group-on Oil Change

    Group-On Oil Change Service (Note: group-on only available between hrs of 9AM-3PM)

    35 minute(s)
  • Inspection/Diagnosis

    Vehicle might be requried to be left for diag. 

    45 minute(s)
  • Old School / Classic & Custom Vehicles

    60 minute(s)
  • OTHER Appointment

    Any Service, Vehicle will be asked to be left at repair shop for check & repair.

    2 hours
  • Slingshot & VanderHall

    Oil Change, tires, electrical, customer, suspensison, brake & More.

    Unit will have to be dropped of for service unless shop updates you. 

    60 minute(s)
  • Suspension Service & Noise

    Front or Rear inspection & repair: Clicking, Knocking, Shacking, Bad Tire Wear, Alignment Ect. Will be checked and repair under this service list.

    60 minute(s)
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