MW Marketing

  • Email Marketing Discovery Call


    Schedule your discovery call today!

    Learn more about how MW markets your business to your exact qualified prospective clients.

    Great Reasons to Let MW Marketing Be Your Email Marketing Agency: 
    *200 million email data base
    *325 demographic filters
    *Specific geographic target marketing
    *Marketing ONLY to your exact qualified prospects
    *Completely integrated email and digital marketing
    *Turn-key'd for you (not a do it yourself platform like Constant Contact)
    *Custom branded specifically to your business

    30 minutes
  • General Discovery Call

    If you would like to learn more about the cutting edge technology we use and how it could help you lower CPC and CAP schedule a discovery call today. 

    We want to help you and your business succeed. These calls allow us to explore ideas and strategies specific to your business, to see if MW Marketing is right for you.

    30 minutes
  • Pre-Production Call

    Welcome to our Reputation Video *BETA program. 

    We will cover 3 basic things during this call: 

    1. Reputation Marketing: Overview on how to leverage a 5 star reputation to get customers. 

    2. Production Details: Collect the details we need to produce your online review commercial.

    3. Review Commercia: Step by step through understanding how to leverage your review commercial. 

    45 minutes
  • Reputation Marketing Video *BETA Discovery

    This appointment will be to discuss our new Reputation Marketing Video *BETA program and how to find out if you qualify.  

    15 minutes
  • Technical Sign Off

    During this call we will discuss three things. 

    1. Techincal Sign Off: Review your video and approve it for Technical Accuracy.

    2. Reputation Marketing: Give you a step by step strategy for building a 5 star reputation. 

    3. Feedback Survey: Give us feedback on our strategies and your experience. 

    45 minutes
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