iHearBetterNow Hearing and ENT Center - CTS Mactan

  • Diagnostic ABR/ASSR

    iHearBetterNow Hearing Center UCMED now accepts Diagnostic ABR/ Confirmatory ABR/ASSR.

    You must book 2 days ahead and call 09328901408 or 09177944327 to confirm booking.

    2 hours
  • ENT - Head and Neck Surgery Consultation

    10 minute(s)
  • Family Medicine Consultation

    15 minute(s)
  • Flexible Laryngoscopy or Nasal Endoscopy or Nasopharyngo-Laryngoscopy

    30 minute(s)
  • Hearing Test

    Pure Tone Audiometry with or without Speech Test or Tympanometry

    30 minute(s)
  • Hearing Test with Hearing Aid Fitting

    If you recently just downloaded a discount voucher, choose this option to book for your hearing aid trial or fitting.

    60 minute(s)
  • Pure Tone Audiometry

    30 minute(s)

I don’t have a preference

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    (Morning Doctors) Pacho or Aguilar or Legaspi
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    Celeste de la Serna - Abello, MD
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    Janrus Abello, MD, FPSO-HNS (Afternoon Doctor)
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    Liezle Abello
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