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  • Estate Planning Guidance - Protect your Legacy

    Protect your Estate by getting organized now.  Our Certified Executor Advisors are here to guide you.

    30 minute(s)
  • Estate Taxes: Final Tax Return + T3/Trust Return

    We can have this appointment over the phone or in-person - let us know what's best for you.  It is the initial "fact finding" meeting where our Tax Advisor can gauge the complexity of the reurns and advise you on what documents will be required/helpful to have.

    Tracy will help complete the final year Income Tax Return along with the T3/Trust Return so you can apply for the Clearance Certificate.  Prices range depending on the complexity of the case. 

    We are upfront with pricing and can offer some guidance to Executors as we are Certified Executor Advisors (CEA). 

    30 minute(s)
  • General Meeting with a Financial Advisor

    Just getting to know us? Let's chat in general about investment options (TFSA, RRSP/RRIF, LIRA/LIF), Estates in Ontario, income taxes, and life insurance. 

    If you're already a client book us here - we look forward to catching up!

    30 minute(s)
  • Income Tax Return: At our Office

    Meet with one of our experienced Tax Advisors (Tracy or Guy) to discuss your tax return at our office located at 300 Terry Fox Drive, Suite 1000, Ottawa.  If we have time we will complete it on the spot and e-file it (paper copies are available- just ask).  If we need more time, we will call/email you when your return is complete.

    Over 65? Bowie Financial will e-file your tax return for $65 + HST

    Under 65? Bowie Financial will e-file your tax return for $110 or $200 +HST per couple in the same household 

    Visit our Tax Page for Checklists and additional information:

    30 minute(s)
  • Income Tax Return: Phone Appointment

    One of our exprienced Tax Advisors will call you to discuss your return over the phone.  Afterwards, we welcome you to drop off your documents to our office, we offer pick up/delivery service, online and over the phone tax preparation options as well.  

    Our rates are as follows: $65 for individuals over 65 years of age and $110 for those under 65 or $200/couple (same household).  Tax checklists and additional information can be found at

    30 minute(s)
  • Investment Advice - RSP/RRIF, TFSA, Savings

    Learn to grow your money while protecting your principal deposits.  We are focused on helping Retirees with their long term savings and income options.

    30 minute(s)
  • Learn about Life Insurance Options

    Term, Permanent, Whole Life, Universal Life, Critical illness... let us simplify your options.

    30 minute(s)
  • Learn about your RRSP Maturity Options

    You must convert your RRSP in the year you turn 71, but if you need income before then you can convert your RRSP to income at anytime.  Let us help narrow down your options and decide on income options for your RRSP - Should you take the minimum amount or more? Do you want monthly, quarterly, or annual income? 

    We'll discuss possible tax outcomes and investment options in an easy to understand way and give you time to weigh your options so you can make an informed decision.

    30 minute(s)
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    Year-round Tax Advisor with Bowie Financial Inc.  Tracy is here to help with your income tax, OAS, and CPP questions all year.  We specialize in helping retirees with their tax returns and concerns.

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